Demand for organic plant-based foods in the Netherlands, France, Germany and Portugal

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This cross-national summary contains a comparison across the four countries for which we have conducted our four consumer surveys. These countries are the Netherlands, France, Germany and Portugal. 

All four surveys have been conducted with deliberately selective segments of flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans – which are not representative of the general population. In turn, the consumer surveys represent in-depth data on the preferences of those consumers who buy the vast majority of plant-based foods. 

In this cross-national summary, we primarily look at the three groups – flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans – together, using the term ‘the green consumer segment’. 

In addition, the summary will also only contain a selection of the variables/questions presented in each inspirational paper, and we therefore refer to the inspirational paper for each country if greater knowledge about a specific country is needed. 

The variables/questions included in this cross-national summary are: 

  • Number of responses
  • Distribution according to dietary preferences
  • Gender 
  • Age
  • Organics share
  • Willingness to pay
  • Degree of processing