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The plant-based food agenda is gaining ground all over the world, but there is still very little focus on organic food products. This needs to be addressed, because organics and the green agenda are inextricably linked.

Plant-based products are often seen as a direct competitor to organic food products; as part of the green transition, a more plant-rich diet is advocated, and this challenges organics in terms of both shelf space and marketing efforts in general.

It is one thing to succeed in markets where organic products are already popular, like Denmark or Sweden, but it is quite another to make the connection on so-called immature organic markets which have only just started taking an interest in the organic agenda.

Either way, both scenarios offer lots of opportunities for Danish producers, and can help to boost Danish exports of plant-based foods. To create a better foundation for a new export adventure, Organic Denmark has collected market data on sales of plant-based foods in Sweden and Poland, the main points of which are shared in this white paper.

The report is intended to provide an overview of the two markets for organic plant-based products.